Sorry to the World

By Ainslie Samec

Dear Planet Earth,

This is an apology letter from me Ainslie Samec a resident of Coburg in Melbourne, Australia.

Now let me start by saying, yes I grew up in and around the greenie heartland of Fremantle in Perth but that doesn’t make me a tree hugging, dreadlock haired hippy who goes by the name of Rainbow.

I’m just your average run of the mill girl.

I like going out on the weekends.

I like reading magazines and secretly I love watching The Bachelor…pretty normal huh.

But what I really don’t like is climate change skeptics.

Just incase you (the reader) is one of those skeptics there is numerous evidence out there in the cyber space sphere to support climate change so heres a few links for your reading pleasure; IPCC, Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, NASA.

So I have to say sorry to you Planet Earth.

Sorry that the majority of people that live in my beautiful country of Australia chose to give our top job to a man who continues to deny that human influenced climate change exists.

A man who in his first few months in the job as Prime Minister of Australia has abolished the Climate Commission and the Carbon Tax.

A man who only mere months before being handed the top job had this to say about the Carbon Tax, ”It is the market in the non delivery of an invisible substance to no one.”

A man who has previously been quoted as saying, “The climate change argument is absolute crap, however the politics are tough for us because 80 per cent of people believe climate change is a real and present danger.”

A man who’s business advisor only last month wrote an opinion piece for the Australian Financial Review calling anthropological climate change a ‘myth‘.

The list goes on and on but you get the drift.

Here’s a link to some other awesome Abbott quotes published in the UK version of the Huffington Post…in the eyes of the rest of the world we must look like a real ’special’ lot.

So I’m sorry sick Earth that Australia (or at least The Government of Australia) doesn’t give a toss about the state that you are in.

But the cool thing is a lot of the World does and even large Media Organisations are taking a stand.

The LA Times has just announced they will no longer print letters that deny climate change and apparently other editors could be looking to follow suit.

The Letters co-ditor of our very own SMH will make a statement on their position shortly.

So whether this move by LA Times is media censorship or not, I think it is bold, brave and the right step forward from Media Organisations to do.

Not only  is it good for you Planet Earth but also for the future generations of humans that want to use your space.

Yours faithfully

Ainslie Samec


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Dated: Oct 18 2013


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