Did Instagram kill the editor star?

Front row at New York Fashion Week by Christopher Macsurak courtesy of

By Tully Walter

Are we amidst a fashion media apocolypse?

In the wake of New York and London’s subsequent fashion weeks, some critics believe so.

We are seeing bloggers take front row seats at shows, while former publishing superpowers battle against dwindling circulation figures. 
Consequently, tensions have arisen between the thriving blogging community and anxious traditional media companies, who suggest that this shift to online threatens the livelihood of the professional industry.

However, those who should be shaking in their boots argue that the citizen fashion journalist lacks the critical faculties or appropriate insight and experience, which places them safely outside of the professional parameters of legitimate contribution. 

Quite frankly, this attitude itself could be the death of the  industry.

These social media statistics from NYFW  are enough to show just how integral this online voice has become in the curation and circulation of fashion news. 

For a traditional media company to maintain relevance and engagement in this online flood  they need to listen.

 The fashion media audience has never been so discerning or demanding, so it is essential that media skills and models are reinvented to respond to this.

Yes, the climate is hard but as is the nature of natural selection, only the savvy, the adaptable and the evolutionary minded will survive.

The thing about bloggers and social media users is that they ‘doers’.

The beauty of the democratic nature of online, is that many of these self published media moguls are determined, relentless and dedicated to their own cause.

 There is no ‘knock off’,  for the commited blogger and in the context of the 24 hour news cycle, this is what is key to maintaining relevancy.

 Brutal? Perhaps. But fashion is pain.

It is a media companies inability to evolve and repond to new technologies which is really bringing them down.

We only need to look at the ’shock’,  axing of Kristie Klements from Vogue Australia, earlier this year. She was replaced by her arch rival, editor of Harpers Bazarr, Erica Mccann, who was in retrospect ‘poached’, for the role due to her insight into launching the Harper’s Bazaar Style Network last year, hosting six of Australia’s top fashion bloggers.  Meanwhile, Savvy media companys like Oyster show us how to integrate the platforms.

This is more than a ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’, situation it’s more like ’join or die’.

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Dated: Sep 28 2012


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