Kill Bill: Malaysia or Carbon?

By Sarah Ludington

Courtesy of The Herald Sun

Political coverage this past week has focused on two key issues: the carbon tax and Malaysia solution votes. Well the results are in, and while the controversial carbon tax bill has passed, the Malaysia solution is officially ‘dead in the water’. Interestingly, the coverage of these two issues has not been equally divided between the various media outlets.

Fairfax outlets have focused on the Malaysia swap deal and the power held by West Australian National MP Tony Crook, with the carbon tax bill receiving less coverage. The Age’s Michelle Grattan has written many opinion pieces over the past two weeks describing the political ‘wooing’ of Crook by both Gillard and Abbott. She has also focused on the political implications for Gillard if Crook did side with the Coalition; the prognosis is not looking good. Phillip Coorey used history to illustrate the blow a lost vote would deal to the government, while Russell Skelton today pondered ‘Where to now?’ for the government’s asylum seeker policies.

In contrast News Limited focused the majority of its attention to the carbon tax vote. The Australian ran one opinion piece discussing the Malaysia solution, but even that also discussed the carbon tax bill. It was only when Crook publicly announced he was going to side with the Opposition that the News Limited publications began churning out articles gleefully describing Gillard’s latest defeat.

The Australian’s Ben Packham details how the government is now ‘scrambling’ to come up with another refugee-processing arrangement, while Matthew Franklin and Joe Kelly’s article criticised Gillard’s decision to blame her defeat solely on Abbott. The Herald Sun’s Matt Johnston and Phillip Hudson together wrote two very similar articles questioning Gillard’s refusal to take responsibility for the scrapped Malaysian deal.

It is not hard to explain the disparate coverage of the two issues. News Limited has made no secret of its disdain for the Gillard government and its controversial carbon tax, and knows that its readers are (slightly) more concerned about potential rises in the cost of living than asylum seekers attempting to reach our shores. Fairfax, on the other hand, has traditionally given more coverage to refugee issues, and is more supportive of the Gillard government.

Lastly, the majority of articles missed one key point: even if the government had managed to pass the Malaysia deal bill amendment in the lower house, it would have been defeated in the Greens-controlled Senate, as the Greens are opposed to offshore processing of asylum seekers.

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Dated: Oct 14 2011


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