Fourth estate or catty commentary?

“A white suit jacket she often favours has an uncomfortable looking fastening that causes her stomach and sides to flare out in an unflattering manner.”

Is this a line from Who magazine’s ‘Best and Worst Dressed 2010″ article?

Actually No. It’s a line from an article in our only national broadsheet, The Australian, about our Prime Minister Julia Gilliard.

The Australian media seems to  be obsessed with Julia Gillard’s appearance, from her clothes to her hair and even her earlobes. Never has this been more obvious than in the weeks since she became our first female Prime Minister.

A quick survey on recent articles reveals some true gems, such as the Georgina Safe article from The Australian cited above.

I’m struggling to find the intrinsic news value in articles such as this.

Another example is this Herald Sun article titled “Image Consultant calls for Julia Gillard to be given a Clothing Allowance“.

I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or my (poor) research skills, but  Fairfax did not seem to be covering Gillard’s clothing in the same way as News Ltd.

I found a tongue-in-cheek article by Tony Wright from February 2010, which was not just about Gillard’s “parrot” top but about a number of female politicians.

Mia Freeman wrote an interesting column. Ostensibly it decries the focus on Gillard’s appearance, but I for one hadn’t heard about the twitter posts until Mia brought them to my attention.  Mia writes:-

While the nation waited expectantly for our new leader to make her first public statement after deposing Kevin Rudd, one respected female journalist piped up on Twitter, “I can’t wait to see what she’s wearing.”

And how does all this attention on our female prime minister ’s appearance compare to the attention generally given to our male politicans?

Paul Keating’s penchant for Armani suits was often referred to, and  Bob Hawke seemed to enjoy being photographed topless. Or in  his dressing gown with Blanch D’Alpuget.

Generally though it’s probably fair to say our male politicans do not come in for the same level of srutiny of their appearance. The one very obvious exception being images and references to Tony Abbott’s budgie smugglers.

Have a look at this Youtube clip for a reminder.

the budgie smuggler

Let’s hope as the Gillard government grows older, media focus on her appearance wears thin.

Although if she’s tempted to wear the parrot top again…

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Dated: Sep 26 2010


  1. Renee says:

    Hi Ali,

    Good post. It grabs the attention by using that quote in the beginning. A few things: make sure your links open in a new window and make sure you proof – a couple of typos in there. You also need to remember the style guide – publications and programs should be in italics. Finally make sure you put your post in an appropriate category.

  2. Emily says:


    I totally agree with you about the media’s obsession with Julia Gillard’s clothes.

    She always looks presentable and neat and not everyone has the same sense of style, so I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If we can very nearly elect a man who frolics in front of the media half-naked, wearing nothing but budgie-smugglers, an appropriately dressed woman should not be grabbing the headlines.

    I think I would rather her wear these allegedly unflattering and mis-matched outfits, as it indicates she is clearly spending more time running the country than prancing around in different outfits in front of the mirror!

    The article below is a longer version of the Herald Sun article you linked to, but it also contains ‘expert tips for Julia’s wardrobe’, which includes this winner: “for casual occasions, try a classic wrap dress”.

    I’m sure Julia will be very grateful!

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    15 August 2016 Speech In Hindi & English ,Images Quotes Pictures

    Independence Day 15 August 2016 Images Quotes Pictures

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