Facebook is not as bad as they will have you believe.

By Alexandria Funnell

Ok. So let me get this straight…there is now a new horror sweeping through our society and it comes in the form of ‘facebook murderers.’

Is this for real?

I am by no means belittling the murder of 18-year-old Nona Belomesoff.

She was cruelly tricked into meeting an evil person off the internet, which subsequently lead to her horrific murder.

This tragedy sickens me to my inner core, but it doesn’t change the way I view facebook.

Nona’s murder has added momentum to the continually growing movement against facebook. Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, has come under increased scrutiny about facebook’s privacy settings. In particular the complicated set-up of the privacy settings, and the fact the user’s information can now potentially be sold to advertisers.

I have several issues with the world’s issues with facebook, and I’m going to admit a lot of it comes from the fact that I am a certified facebook addict.

I just love it.

There’s a certain thing in life most of us are taught from a young age and it’s the notion of stranger danger. It’s a simple concept, with important ramifications.

The same rules apply to the internet as they do to real life – it’s called common sense.

In real-life, you don’t walk around in your bra – so don’t do it on the internet. In real-life you don’t often befriend people you don’t know – don’t do it on the internet. The media is highlighting all these problems with facebook, but the problems that exist on facebook and on the internet are the exact problems that exist in real-life.

The fact of life is that there are evil people out there aiming to lure innocent victims.

It’s nothing to do with facebook.

At close inspection, you will find it’s actually not all that difficult to make your facebook settings extra private, and to deny advertiser access to your details.

Sure, facebook wants you to share more information and they are making it harder for you not to, but they aren’t making it impossible.

And why people so surprised facebook is constantly pushing the barriers to see how far they can take it? That’s how they make MONEY. It’s a multi-million dollar enterprise. Its aim isn’t to re-connect you with your old school friends, and allow you to stalk your ex-boyfriend. Its aim is to generate masses of money!

May 31st is Quit Facebook Day and already this movement is gaining in momentum.

I think people need to stop being so excessive. Everybody just needs to calm down, stop putting so much information up on the website, and take a few moments to alter their privacy settings.

And who knows, you might even enjoy facebook!

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Dated: May 27 2010


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